Why you need to use Professional Outdoor Lighting

There are lots of options out there when it comes to Landscape Lighting.  It can get confusing and can lead to some poor purchase choices, especially if you don’t know what to look for as a homeowner. 

With all the big box stores offering Landscape Lighting options for really cheap prices, it may be hard as a homeowner to justify spending more on Landscape Lights.  But I am here to tell you to ALWAYS go professional grade.

The really benefit to purchasing a professional grade product is that it will last longer.  The stuff you get from the big depot stores generally will last a season, that’s about it. 

Doesn’t installing solar landscape lights save me money? 

Kind of, but not really.  People always ask this question.  Generally, solar doesn’t shine as bright or look as good as a hardwired system.  They are also on the lowest end of quality and be prepared to replace them a lot.

As for the power consumption.  Well sure, solar uses no additional power to operate.  But, a professional Low Voltage Landscape Lighting System will use very little as well.  With LED Lamps being the norm (not sure if many designers still use Halogen) the power consumption is really low and won’t be a huge expense at all.

Professional Landscape Lights are also made way better than the ones at the home stores.  They typically will come in Brass (my personal favourite) and Powder-Coated aluminum.

If you are thinking about installing some landscape lighting at your home, the first thing you should do is get a consultation from a design company (like apex outdoor systems) and purchase some high-quality landscape lights.  Make sure you install those lights the right way and then experience the night!