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Landscape Lighting

Apex Outdoor Systems specializes in creating a warm atmosphere with the accentuation of key landscape features.  Highlighting mature trees and plantings can dramatically change the way a landscape looks and feels at night.

Architectural Outdoor

why Outdoor lighting?

Safety & Security

Outdoor Lighting is great for walkways and entryways will ensure the safety of both the residents and visitors of your property.  To ensure that there are no accidents or hazards, proper illumination is a must.  Help your family and visitors navigate safely around.

Not only will it help prevent accidents, Outdoor Lighting can help deter trespassers from entering your property.  It also provides that added layer of security when arriving late in the evenings.

Outdoor Lighting Residential in Toronto


We want you to get the most out of your outdoor spaces and enjoy them all night long.  The right lighting design can provide both beauty and functionality to your outdoor spaces.  Illuminating patios, decks and swimming pools makes it possible to extend the entertaining late into the night.

With a variety of WiFi and Bluetooth technology available, the control is in your hands.  At Apex Outdoor Systems we plan and design to give you both beauty and functionality.

Beauty & aesthetics

There’s no better way to accentuate the architectural and landscape features of your home.  Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting can reveal the  beauty and elegance of a property for both the residents and the visitors.

The fixture is also as important as the light it provides.  Whether your home is modern or traditional, the right fixture will blend seamlessly with the architecture and landscape.  Let Apex Outdoor Systems find the right design and fixtures to illuminate your space.

Luxury Landscape Lighting at a Toronto Residential Home

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