Commercial Irrigation & water management

Apex Outdoor Systems specializes in managing multifamily complexes and condominium complexes.  With large irrigation systems it pays to have a contractor who has experience with all types of irrigation components.  From Leak Detection to Seasonal Adjustments, Apex offers a wide variety of solutions to meet any need.

We specialize in helping Property Managers, municipalities and condo boards service their irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems.

Irrigation Service

Broken sprinkler heads?  Pipe Leaks?  Broken Controller?  No Problem!  With over 20 years of experience, we are able to take on any job, big or small.
We carry the right parts and materials to ensure you never go too long without water.  We Specialize in servicing Multi-Family (condos) and Commercial Systems.  Our expert service technicians have seen it all and are the best in the business.  Our Water Management and central control systems can be adapted to any system and start reporting immediately.

Water Management

Whether you are a Property Manager, Operations Manager, Landscape Maintenance Company or a Residential Homeowner, Water Management is the key to your irrigation system’s performance.

With a Water Management System in place –  adjust and eliminate potential issues that would increase water savings and decrease the water bill.

why upgrade?

Irrigation Upgrades & Retrofits

Irrigation system retrofitting is process where the essential components (sprinkler heads, controllers, nozzles, etc.) are replaced with highly efficient and improved components.  This process usually leaves the piping, wiring and valves intact and in the ground.

Most Condo irrigation or Commercial Irrigation Systems are installed with the economical parts and designs, which is fine for the builder, but not for you.  Whether you have 100 sprinkler heads or 10,000, Apex Outdoor Systems can drastically improve your system.

By upgrading the components, a poor performing and inefficient system can save up to 70% in water usageApex Outdoor Systems can retrofit any system and even small improvements can have a big change.

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